The Proper Shoe Fit

The Proper Fit:

For Cork Footbed / Birkenstock Type Footwear:

Sandals: Allow for about a 1/4" of space between your toes and the rim of the sandal. Your heel should fit nicely down in the heel cup and not tightly against the back rim of the sandal. Your feet will feel more comfortable if you"flex" the sandal inwards first by bending the ball of the foot area towards the heel area (like folding in 1/2).

Shoes: Allow about a thumbnails space between your toes and the end of the shoe. If your toes are pushing on the front of the shoe when you bend your foot, the shoes are too short. If the shoe’s upper leather creases over the tips of your toes, they are too long.


Regular - Fits a Medium to Wide Width foot.
Narrow -  fits a Narrow to Medium Width foot.

For Dansko and Other Clog Style Footwear:

Open Back clogs should fit as near to the exact size of your foot as possible. Your toes should not be pushing against the front of the clog tightly and your heel should have less than 1/4" of space in the back.

Closed Back clogs will fit much the same way. Remember that the covered backs of a clog are designed to "cover" your foot only- Not to fit snuggly as in conventional footwear.