Shoe Care & Repair

Shoe Care for Cork Footbed / Birkenstock Style

Sandals:  Avoid Excessive Heat:
Do not leave your footwear in hot places such as cars, pool decks, near campfires etc. Extreme heat may shrink your soles!  If this happens, don’t worry – it’s repairable!  

Preserve the Cork Footbed: When cork no longer looks shiny; apply a thin coat of cork sealant to prevent drying and cracking.  This will make a huge difference in the life of your footwear!  

Clean & Protect the Uppers: A Suede & Leather protector should be applied before your footwear is worn and after each cleaning.  This creates a barrier against dirt and stains.

Clean & Condition your smooth leather with a high quality leather balm or lotion.  Suede and Nubuck is best cleaned using a Suede & Nubuck shampoo or block and brush. Non Leather upper material such as Birko-Flor can usually be cleaned using a mild soap & water.  

Clean and Deodorize Linings: When the insides of your shoe or sandal become soiled or smell, we recommend our Footbed Cleaner.  Our footbed is a suede & leather shampoo especially formulated to clean and deodorize.  

Replace Worn Soles: Promptly have your soles replaced when the tread has worn smooth.  This can help prevent more extensive repairs in the future.  If just the heal area is worn smooth, heel taps may be the answer.  


Please contact our customer service  agent if your have questions about our Birkenstock Authorized Regional Repair Department.  We must see your sandals / shoes before we can give you the cost of the repairs needed.  Once you send them in to us, we will contact you to discuss your repair.  In the meantime, our repair prices are listed here so you can get a better idea of the possible cost.

Basic Repair Service Pricing:

Heel Taps: $25
We recommend heel taps when only the heel area of the sole is worn down.

Resole: $50
Replace the sole of the shoe when the tread is worn bald and smooth.

Reline the Footbed: $45
Replace the suede footbed linings when they have worn hard, cracked, or you just want to freshen them up.

Recraft: $85 (Classic Footbed) or  $95 (Soft Footbed)
When your sandal is completely trashed, we'll replace everything beneath the straps: suede lining, cork footbed & sole.  In addition, we'll clean and refinish your upper straps as well as replace any broken buckles.  NOTE: This repair can NOT be done on Birkenstock's Papillio Wedge sandals or clogs.


Before and After Recraft Shoe Repair Service